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Benjamin Chakoian Jones is a composer, arranger, bassist, and violist from Nashville, Tennessee. Born in Iowa and raised in Ohio, Benjamin moved to Nashville in 2007 where he studied composition under Mark Volker and William Purssell. In 2011 Jones became a founding member of the folk rock band Humming House, which has enjoyed a busy national and international touring schedule. Since 2015 Jones has been a regular member of Nashville based chamber ensemble Chatterbird.

In addition to his creative endeavors, Jones is the founder and curator of The Nashville Chamber Music Series, “a collective of composers, performers, and music lovers who wish to develop Nashville’s communal passion for classical and jazz music.” Through NCMS Jones has worked to revitalize the capacity for classical music to be enjoyed on a casual and intimate level.

As a composer, Jones’ works have been performed and recorded by groups including The Nashville Collegiate Orchestra, Nashville Concerto Orchestra, W.O. Smith Community Orchestra, The Newark Granville Youth Symphony String Quartet, Trio Siciliano, and ensembles through The Nashville Chamber Music Series and Lockeland Strings series. Additionally, Jones has worked with friend and producer Stephen Turney on a series of electroacoustic works including the soundtrack for Eliza Larson’s dance composition ‘You Are Happy’.

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